DLLs you need

Most of Noah's compression/decompression engine is offered as DLL file. You must install those DLLs to '/windows/system' directory to handle corresponding archives.

Here is all formats that Noah supports by default.

many of these DLLs are take parts in Common Archivers Library Project.

You can use 'DLL Download' in StartMenu->Noah to download and install these DLLs automatically. Try it.


Drag-and-Drop files to Noah's icon. Then you'll have an archive at the direcotry you specified in the configure dialog.

If you drop files with 'Ctrl' key pressed, then you can archive them to an SFX archive (executable and self-extractable archive.)
*) for lzh, cab, bga archives only.

When you drop multiple files, normally Noah will pack them to one archive. But if you drop files with 'Alt' key pressed, then each files is compressed to different archives.


Drag-and-Drop archives to Noah's icon. Noah automatically decides which operation (compress, or extract) to do by analyzing dropped files.


When you drop archives with 'Ctrl' key pressed, Noah will go into 'Arc-View-Mode'. In this mode, you can directly open files inside the archive, etc.


Compress Tab

Destination Folder: specify where to put the arhive.
Method: the type of archive you want to create. 'zip' - 'normal' is recommended.
Which-To-Do: Noah automatically decides whick operation - Compress or Extract - to do. You can change this decision's rule here.
mode-1 = gives priority to 'Compress' operation.
mode-2 = gives priority to 'Extract' operation. (default)

Extract Tab

Destination Folder: specify where to put the extracted files.
Create Directory etc: automatically create a directory with same name of the archive at the Destination Folder, or not.

Windows Tab

Association: After checking these boxes, you can extract archives by Double-Clicking.
D&D Shell Extension: On the menu shown at D&D in explorer by right mouse key.
Shortcut: Shortcut.

About Tab

Show the version of Noah and installed DLLs.