Suspension of Development


2004/09/04 k.inaba (English version, 2010/05/10)

Till now, I have publicated the following 6 softwares

as the "active members" under development. But after today, Sep 04 2004, I decided to turn the state of these softwares to "development-suspended". That is, do not expect regular updates or feature-addion to be done on these ones by me.

This is mainly because my interest is going a bit far from developing these softwares. I want to spare more time for other things :). When my interests came back suddenly (perhaps yearly or bi-yearly it will), I will irreguarly make a version-up on them, or will not. But of cource please be free to develop your version of these softwares; except YZ1.DLL, source codes of all other ones are opened.

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