Check-in [23fb1b4a0e]
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SHA1 Hash:23fb1b4a0e3e6c9d29d883d2fcc1b8bad0ef6bd9
Date: 2010-11-26 21:22:18
User: kinaba
Comment:jikken before non-memo macro
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Modified .poseidon from [76daaad38468db8e] to [561f5c90ad534f85].    [diff]

Modified Makefile from [b49249a409a1c2fd] to [54d2b4a8056c4421].    [diff]

Modified build.bat from [b5142898fa4accdf] to [4a978e9aa8f5388f].    [diff]

Modified polemy/parse.d from [45c4aa9e0628516e] to [454c7b7367a1305b].    [diff]

Modified tricks/tricks.d from [00969146488cc3dc] to [784e82178988239d].    [diff]